About us

EE911 SUV is the most exclusive VIP service and transportation in Israel since 2007.
Our company owns a fleet of Chevrolet Suburban vehicles, regular or B6+ level armored, highest trim level, 4WD, with Wi-Fi connection and fridge for water and cool drinks.
We believe that every customer should get the best service and experience, with maximum comfort, safety and security.
In order to save time and effort for our customer, we offer personal security services, VIP pick up from the airport and VIP personal safe and fast clearance service at the airport.
Our drivers are former military\security services people, professional, well trained, experienced, armed, English speakers with high service consciousness.

Most of Israel’s precious heritage sites located in places that the risk level is higher than usual, with our VIP armored vehicles- you can get anywhere safe!
We offer unforgettable VIP experience from the arrival to departure of the customer, included VIP services at the airport, transportation in luxury SUV vehicles or armored SUV by experienced and professional drivers.

Never settle for less than the best.

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