Fire-resistant vehicles

Unfortunately, there are quite a few areas in Israel where it is not possible to travel with a vehicle in normal conditions, ie, a vehicle that is not bulletproof. There are quite a few areas within the Green Line and outside the Green Line, which are likely to shoot in the direction of the vehicle, even if you are not security personnel or military personnel. Therefore, if you move to these areas or intend to work there, it is recommended that you use the tools that will protect the vehicle from gunfire

Fire-proof vehicles are vehicles whose windows are immune to bullets. These are thick windows that can not be used by bullets or guns. It is important to note that not every vehicle can pass through the grandfather, especially since it is also considered very expensive. In order to carry out such a conversion, approval must be obtained, as only public vehicles or security vehicles can enjoy it. However, it is possible to purchase bullet-proof vehicles, which already come with thick panes and tin that prevents the penetration of bullets. In many cases, these vehicles have undergone complete conversion and the chassis and engine have changed.

It should be noted that alongside vehicles that are bullet proof, there are vehicles that are of stone shields. These are vehicles that have a kind of barbed wire that prevents stones from breaking on the windows. Here, too, most types of vehicles that use such condemnations are security vehicles that are used by the army or other security organizations.

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned, there are companies that deal with security and they have fire-proof vehicles. These are companies that maintain a fleet of vehicles with various means of protection and safety, including headlights for vehicles, protection from fire, shielding from stones, communications to a guard station, and more. These vehicles assist in transporting diplomats and others to dangerous areas. By means of vehicles they can reach places that are naturally inaccessible. Places where for public transport is not entered and a person who does not have a protected vehicle, will not want to enter alone.

These companies employ security guards who accompany the passengers, and experienced drivers who transport the passengers. These are diplomats, businessmen, foreign and local authorities. These drivers know how to drive in dangerous ways, to escape to side roads, and so on. With the vehicles at their disposal and the means inside, they can make the trip easy without endangering themselves and their passengers

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